Friday, 23 December 2016



Everyday actions lie on human’s forehead. 
Thinking deeply or not, the result will surely come, the truth is this, the action is only 10% -this represents what others does which affects you in one way or the other and the reaction is 90% which stands for what you do in respond to what other did. With this what they do or did not do have nothing much to do your becomes of you because you have the largest share of the decisions.

Whether you do gently or raggedly, the outcome will be either negative or positive. 
Why? There must be an outcome, always relax what do what you are expected to do and experience the avoidable outcome.
So many laws have been propounded by some of our scientist and philologist. Ironically most of the living today found it difficult to put them into use. On several occasions the application of the laws fails woefully and some of the basics facts we should all know is that our environment changes every minute. Risk is now highly high (if there is any phase that) for the risk takers and challenges rises every day. Most especially cost of living in every environment (globally) is now alike and can be liken to going through desert without any ambition and plans that is structured on what to do and what next.

The question now is, “Why do we go to school?” Is it for knowledge acquisition or growing of our talents, or meet the societal demand or just for formalities and fun of it? This question has been a major worry the global community even before now resulting from the laziness and ignorance graduates of nowadays. The idea of just graduating to constitute nuisance by having nothing to offer only to end up seeking for paid employment from one end to another. This is a question I will like our Educationalist to proffer an answer to, is it just to read and write or to resolves the global problem.

Commonly, internet fraud has graduated to internet ritual, gaming and gambling have become the order the day. Ponzi schemes is totally razing the financial section and the economy at large.

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