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The UNIQUE Money Making Business Empire

 "The SEVEN UNIQUE Money Making Business Empire"

Yes, Seven Unique Hot Business you can operate right here in Nigeria with little or no startup capital and that would make you over N200,000 every month. Let start right-away:

  • Mini Importation Business (worth N50,000) -Importing is the act of bringing in products from another country at a cheap price and reselling to end user (consumers) in an attempt to make profit and as well satisfy their needs. One buys a product for $0.65 (about N260) and I resell it for at least N2,500 here in Nigeria, imagine the profit margin he makes on each piece (that is over N2,200 profit per one) and he imports 300 pieces of such products. (With that, he makes over N660,000 total cash from just one of the product and he has more than 15 different products he sells). THAT IS IMPORTATION BUSINESS PROFIT FOR YOU! 
    I will reveal to you how to import products into your house address in Nigeria at the lowest cost you could ever imagine without traveling abroad and without paying any custom officer. I would also reveal how you escape the high dollar rate and how to leverage on platform of over 50 millions buyers that are ready to buy your product for any product you stated and even say thank you. You can start this business with as low as N15,000 and make your first profit in less than a week. I would also give you 10 different lists of products that sells like crazy here in Nigeria. You are guarantee of 90% - 350% profit from this business.
  • Fiverr Cash Typhoon (worth N50,000) - Fiverr is the world's largest marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on the site that range between $5 and $500. You get paid in dollar for the services you rendered and as a beginner you can earn up to $5 - $50 per day from the comfort of your home (Do your calculation and see what that amount to in a month). There is nothing like referal, startup capital or advert. The amazing thing about this fiverr cash typoon is you can withdraw your money daily right here in Nigeria via the ATM machine. I would teach you the exact model someone I know use to net an average of $50 daily on this system. Part of what I would teach you include: The kind of services to render, how to find a good and profitable niche on Fiverr, how to create gig and provide your gig fast and with good margin, how to get dozens of raving reviews and lots more.
  • Website Design (worth N50,000)- The world is becoming a global village and every business needs online presence. I have created a platform to take you from the very basic and teach how you can start to design website business even if you don't have the knowledge of programming or coding experience. In-fact, You don't even need to be a computer guru/internet savvy before you can become a web designer, have simplified this process for you and even a 10 years old boy would be able to understand. Company/Business/Organization/Individual are ready to pay you to design website for them and the minimum you can charge them is N60,000. Can you imagine if you do this for just three-four companies/business in a month. In one of my seminar, I charge N40,000 to design website and it sell out. This is a lucrative business you can do easily from the comfort of your home.
  • Facebook Autopilot Money (worth N50,000) - Information is the currency of destiny. The world thrives on information. Hungry buyers are readily available on Facebook looking for information that would solve their current problems and they are ready to pay you any amount you want in as much as you would solve their current challenges. Oh gosh! Others are making money on Facebook but you are busy liking people's post, status, pictures and playing candy crush. I will unleash the secrets of how you can earn an average of $200 (over N85,000) per month directly into your local bank account from Facebook alone. This secrets worked like charm! You keep receiving bank alert even if you are sleeping or catching fun with friends.
  • Watermelon Production (worth N40,000) -Farming has gone beyond using ancient methods that left people with little or no profits. Obasanjo is a Farmer and even the Africa richest man is also a farmer. From watermelon production alone, you can make over N400,000 every 85 days and you can plant 3-4 times in a year. It only takes this fruit 75-85 days to grow to maturity. The lowest watermelon fruit is been sold for N100 and the highest is N400, sum average of the two is N250, and with my method you will produce at least 1930 pieces of an hectare, do the calculation (1930 pieces X N250 per fruit), that is about N482,000 within 75-85days and remember you can cultivate 3-4 times in a year. I would reveal the exact SECRETS, PROCEDURES that you will use to rake cash from this business every 85 days without undergoing terrific stress and how to get government land for less than N10,000 per hectare anywhere in Nigeria.
  • Bulk SMS System (worth N30,000) - Over 50 million SMS is been sent per day. SMS business is enjoying its profit boom presently as you will have noticed that many people are now marketing and promoting the business. To start this business, you need no website, office nor startup capital. You are using the concept I called OPM (Others Peoples Money.)
  • Business Registration (worth N20,000) -Business registration procedures can be frustrating, I have seen someone that tried to registered his company with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) but couldn't proceed beyond the first stage for more than 5 months. People are ready to pay you heavily to get their business name registered. I met a man at CAC Ikeja office, who looked frustrated and hopeless, all because of business registration (Don't worry... that is the story of another day) I would reveal the SECRETS to register your business in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in less than 21 days with #18,500 only and how you can also do this for people and make money with it. You don't even need to pay a lawyer/agent and you do not need any startup capital. Part of what I would expose to you is how to leverage on OPM (Other People's Money) and make pure profit. Search CAC website for my business name: Yezeh Best Enterprise here is the number BN 2404775
    Aside all this, YOU also get the following BONUS materials (worth N100,000)
  • Materials on How to get your own personal brand new laptop for just N25,000
  • Quickest way to make money online.
  • Youtube Yarbitrage (Make a fortune from youtube)
  • Travel Abroad Without Going To Embassy
  • Facebook Money Authority Magnet
  • 6 Months FREE support
  • Direct access to me via email/call
  • 40% off on all my future offer
Isn't this great?
This is totally different from those trash and worthless garbage out there...
Am very serious about all the business model listed above. This is the same business I do and am a living testimony. You start seeing result right from the first day you start this business. Take me for my words, in fact I have 100% assurance. If you try just 1 out of all this business and you didn't make money, then you need to go back to Kindergarten and you even need more than deliverance.
This Is Your Long Awaited Opportunity To Learn All the POWERFUL Money Making Business Secrets.
P.S: You can do all this business from the comfort of your home and there is no way you would start any of this business and you won't also make money and become rich.


I have prepared a comprehensive materials/practical home training videos on all this business so you can start without any further delay.
To make it in any area of life as fast as possible, you need a REAL COACH (Someone who has been through it all and can guide you on how to succeed)
Initially I never plan to reveal this SECRETS till next year. The main reason why I changed my mind is because I have launched my my business worth over #3,000,000.000 Best E House and to also help people in this devastating economy BUT not everyone will have access to this because of the way Nigerians abuse opportunity. I need just 50 persons. So you need to grab yours NOW.
You and I know the worth of all this cash flow business listed above and if am to charge you based on the total worth of all this packages (including the practical video/bonus offer), then you may have to pay N300,000 which is nothing compared to the money you would make in months from just one of the business.
GOOD NEWS -Right now, the price goes for N20,000 but if you are fast enough to get yours between today and Friday, you would get it for just


Price changes to N20,000 from Monday next week.
P.S: This current price (N12,000) is just an introductory price for launching my business. Take action now so you won't have to pay more when the price increases

How To Get This Complete Package
Bank Deposit/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc
STEP 1: Make a bank deposit/online or mobile transfer of N12,000 to any of the account below
Bank: Skye
Account Number: 4110099825
Bank: Zenith
Account Number: 1014637523

Bank: FCMB
Account Number: 0568115010
Bank: Fidelity
Account Number: 
Bank: GTB
Account Number: 0108250070
Bank: Skye
Account Number: 3047022528
Remember to copy this account details before you leave this page.

STEP 2: After payment, send your Name, Email, Phone Number, Bank, Teller No to
I will forward the complete package to your email, including other additional offers once I confirm your payment.
FACT -Come to think of it, richest men in Nigeria, Africa & the World at large are men of multiple business. They never depend on one source of income and that is why they hardly go broke. This is your time as well and you have no excuse. This cash flow business is for you if you are really ready to build multiple sources of income that would fetch you lots of cash in this dwindling economy.
Decide now and place your ORDER.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or It's Your Money Back!
See... there is no way you would start any of this business and you won't also make money, take good care of your family, buy cars and live a luxury life even in this recession. If you look at all that I am giving out here (including the comprehensive practical materials, home training video & the extra bonus package) at this tiny price and you still decide not to grab this one time offer, then you should bear it in mind that if I ever repeat this type of offer (which I do not plan to), it won't be less than N50,000 for sure. So my best advice for you is to grab this offer now for just N12,000 Click here to grab this offer now!

If you have any question/inquiry, check the contact below. 

Yours Business Expert,

Chukwuebuka Ezeh, 
CEO Best E House
Tel: 07032048014, 09085445506 
(Call time: 9am - 5pm, SMS: 24/7)

Office Address: Third Floor Right Wing, No 250 Akariagbo Road Kara, Opp Truck Pack, Saganu, Ogun State.

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