Friday, 23 December 2016


I-SMILE FOUNDATION is committed to becoming the BEST Online Entrepreneurship and Business Development HUB in Nigeria and Africa.
The Purpose of this 2017 Strategic plan is to help more people to understand our vision, join I-Smile Foundation, develop their business skills, raise more funds for their business and become independent business owners.
I-SMILE BUSINESS SCHOOL has developed business courses to help her members become successful business men and women. The courses include the following
☑Entrepreneurship Development
☑Entrepreneurship: Creating the Business
☑Sales and Selling Techniques
☑Marketing Success for your Business
☑Introduction to Customer Care
☑Introduction to Leadership
☑Leadership Skills in Business
☑Fundamentals of Accounting
☑Fundamentals of Human Resources
☑Advanced Sales Management
☑Creativity and Innovation in Business
☑Brainstorming, etc


🔘Feeder Income will now be paid immediately you achieve your 2 Referrals which unlocks you fund raising system.
🔘Sponsorship bonus will now be paid daily within 24 hours immediately sponsored referral (LIVE LINE) payment is confirmed, within 24 hours.
🔘Stages Bonuses are paid monthly from 25th and 30th of every month.


Earning Plan is based on crowdfunding using feeder matrix 2x2, 2x3. You get registered with N10,000 through your sponsor.
You sponsor only 2 downlines (LIVE LINES), you get paid N4,000 ($12.8)
Any other person you sponsor you are paid N2,000 ($6.4) each to infinity.
Plus 10% matching Bonus from all your direct sponsored members at each stage. (Details could be found in your back office - Ebook)
You sponsor only 2 downlines (LIVE LINES), you get paid N4,000 

Qualify for Bronze and get paid N48,000
Qualify for Silver and get paid N130,000
Qualify for Gold and get paid N480,000
Qualify for Platinum and get paid N1,360,000

Qualify for Sapphire and get paid N5,800,000

Qualify for Diamond and Get paid N20,000,0000


We shall be using sales tunnel for our marketing from 2017, optimizing social media especially Facebook.
🔳All members are expected to create Whatsapp groups. The groups shall be our sales tunnels. The process will be taught later in this strategic plan.
🔳Every new member who registers with I Smile Foundation MUST be taught by the SPONSOR on how to create a d sue the Whatsapp group sales tunnel.
🔳Prospecting members who join your Whatsapp group who do not take action within a period of 1 month should be removed to give room for more inquirers. (We should treat this as business henceforth. No more sentiments.)
🔳The Foundation members who are in the Ignite Diamond Whatsapp Group who do not take action after 1 month of unveiling this strategic plan with respect to implementing the plan shall be removed from the group.
🔳All members are expected to be active to maintain their membership of the Ignite Diamond Whatsapp group.
🔳Every member should be committed in helping his LIVE LINE (downline) achieve his feeder bonus.
🔳When you register a new member, you MUST teach him how to create the whatsapp group sales tunnel, ask him to add you as an administrator of the group. The essence is to help him achieve his feeder bonus, after which you exit the group. And by then he should have learnt how to manage and grow his team through the group and he MUST also do same to all his LIVE LINES.
🔳The first thing every new member should do after registration and payment is to update his Band Account Detail in his BACK OFFICE. If he finds it challenging, he should use the message menu in the dashboard to send a message to I Smile Admin stating his user name and Bank Account Details. Admin will help him do that.
🔳All members are advised to join as many social media as possible especially open account with Facebook and join many Facebook groups that has something to do with business (Nigerians only). Reason being that opportunity seekers are found in these groups.
🔳All members are advised to set daily, weekly and monthly targets for themselves.
🔳Always ask your sponsor or I Smile Foundation Admin questions, that’s one of the fastest ways to grow.
🔳All members are advised to achieve at least one course every month (minimum).


I Smile Foundation is an NGO registered in Nigeria (NO-89140) with the purpose of building the biggest online Entrepreneurship development and Business HUB.
Our Products and Services include our online Business School – I Smile Business School where we teach our members how to develop, start and grow their businesses. Our courses included but not limited to the following: Business Leadership, Entrepreneurship Development, Sales and Selling Techniques, Customer Care, Sales Management, Creativity and Innovation in business, Human Resources, etc

NOW is the time to start your own business with us...
NOW is the time to RAISE that CAPITAL for your business...
You can NOW ask your questions...

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