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Is no longer a theoretical write up but an experienced and daily participated activities. In my first post sometimes five (5) months ago where I disclosed how you can get grant to start up your business and I also said that I am anticipating mine. I will still ask the same question 
"Are you business minded? Innovate enough to outclass your peers? Are you skillful and technically equipped? Are you creative and talented?" spite of all these, are you still looking for Business Capital in order to make that dream a reality?


Will I be the first person to tell you that not all business needs a start up capital, not all business proposal are bankable, not all dreams can be a reality and above all not all those as opportune as you are, can utilise their chances to write their own success story. I am typing this right from my manager's table at Best E House [Yezeh Best Enterprise] 3rd Floor, No 250 Akarigbo Road Kara, Sagamu in Ogun State. After a failed attempt of similar business but far smaller that what I have in place now three (3) years ago at No 10 Edim Street, Calabar, Cross River State. The past failed attempt is part of the pillars that keeps me standing today, and I have learn alot in that three (3) years space; one of them is "web designing/developing" and I am proud of MY FIRST PROJECT. It begun as a joke but today is real... the GRANT sponsored by The World Bank  through the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment managed by GEM that I once talked about is the fund working now. For clarification of doubt check out
Over 600 AWARDEES are busy running their businesses and patiently waiting to submit their first quarter reports on or before the 21st of October, 2016. The  #BIGPlatform #GEMProject has gone through the six Geo-political zones but some people never noticed. For the YOUWIN adopted GEM first batch, some awardees were given as little as as N10,000,000, a friend of mine is executing a project of N6,000,000 but mine is far lower than that which I used in financing my IT, Educational and Consultancy Services innovation of mine [Best E House registered with the Coorperate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Yezeh Best Enterprise with BN.2404775]. Note, different category of businesses are been powered –I am a living testimony.
You may not need to pay back after all 'is government money', is tax payers' money in short is our money, is your money! All you need to do is, meet the milestone stated in your business plan and you are good to go. Have it at the back of your mind that the money is never a free money -just kidding. As a matter of truth; YOU CAN GET UP TO 10 MILLION NAIRA GRANT in your first application -The Accelerator Grant Window; if you carried out your homework well and implemented your business plan properly and faithfully, you will stand another chance of enjoying any and/or all of the following "Equity Grants; Matching Grants; Performance Grants and Institutional Grants"  
A REMINDER!!! The #InductionWorkshop of the new GEM inductees are on going, the inductees had commenced registration and are on their way to receiving FREE Training and Consultancy Services and also may stand a CHANCE of receiving GRANTS. As BIG Platform will always say, '#ThinkBIG' and be a part of the GEM project by logging on to and REGISTER TODAY!  The question now is "Do you really want to make it BIG in the remaining months of 2016?" Are you actually looking for capital to start that business in this year 2016? Lest I forget, I attended the first workshop that was held on Thursday, 10th March, 2016 at Abuja, it was free but I paid my transport fare to and fro Abuja twice from Sagamu and cater for myself in Abuja but I didn't know who would have? Okay, the workshops actually signifies the commencement of the process towards benefiting from BIG Platform services. For information and help, you are free to contact me, F.O.C! 
I promised to publish on the "Five (5) GEM Sectors" but I never did just because I was so occupied, I am somehow a freeman now so expect that soonest. Do you know that BIG Platform begun operation since July 2013 but who knows what they were doing all these while. Don't worry, I will assist you (God willing), since the BIG Platform is free and I promise to always give you the needed information whenever the need arises. Kick starting your dream business is as sure as tomorrow morning and you are on the route of becoming your own boss -the next MD/CEO. Isn’t that an open door in the last quarter of 2016? Sure it is an open door to WEALTH in 2016 amid the recession. As I end this, I expect you to start with this E-Book titled: "BECOMING MY OWN BOSS (A Simple Guide to Starting and Owning a Business)"
# Lifestyle Business Ownership and Entrepreneur 
# Benefits of Entrepreneurship
# The Foundational Secrets of becoming your own boss
# The Secrets of doing it right 
# The Secrets of wealth
# A free Guide to writing an irresistible Business Proposal
# Two Sure Sources of Grant
And so many reserved surprises
If you have any question, send me a mail at: or
The price for this Book is yet to be determined but I am giving a one time bonanza price to the first 30 people to get to the bank and place an order. Get it for a tiny sum of N2,000 (first 30 people only) the question some people will ask is, how will I know that the 30 spots are not filled yet, you can email the the support team at you will definitely get an answer. 

After clearing your doubt, simply walk into any branch of Skye Bank Plc and make a tiny payment of N2,000 only to this account:
Bank: Skye Bank Plc
Account Name: Yezeh Best Enterprises
Account Number: 4110099825
After the payment, notify me by sending an SMS to: 07032048014, stating your name (as written on payment teller), e-mail address and your phone number -and you will get what you paid for instantly100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! 
If what you find in the E-BOOK is not what I promised, get across to me for a refund which I will gladly do and never respond to any offer from me again!
NOTE: I used the company account which is registered and accredited by FIRS, FMITI and GEM as the means of receiving this payment of the E-book, just to show you that I mean business, with this, I will be easily traced through them. 
Yes! I opened the account with my Business Documents and as well my personal documents which bears my full details, this is to simply show that we are serious with people and business minded. Give yourself a trial today and always remember that ‘WHAT IS NOT POSSIBLE IS WHAT YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED!’
Better still, after payment, notify me by email:
The E-Books will be delivered to your email box within 48-Hours (Monday -Wednesday) and 72-Hours (Thursday and Friday), after payment confirmation.
To talk with me, call: +2347032048014
I WILL SEE YOU AT THE MATCHING GRANT INDUCTION where you present your hand-earned Millions for a mega Innovation!!!

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